Organizer Terms and Conditions

Organizer Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern the relationship between Eventati “the site” and the “organizer”. The term Organizer is related to the individuals accepting these terms and/or any entity other people who are acting on behalf of.

Eventati is owned and operated by Eventati, Inc a company registered in Delaware (referred to herein as “we”, “us”, “our”) with its registered office in the state of Delaware is 2035 Sunset Lake Road, Suite B-2, in the city of Newark, zip code 19702 and county of New Castle.


Before accepting our terms and conditions, and before using our site, please read the information below

By using our website, you are acknowledging that you have read and aware of these terms and conditions by Eventati. If you have any concern or you disagree with this policy, you may not be able to access or use our services. moreover, we thank you for visiting our website and you are welcomed to contact us if you have any concerns or inquiries. Based on the experience we gain from time to time, we may apply some changes to our privacy policy or do essential changes. We have the discretion and the right to update our policy at any time. We also encourage you to check this policy frequently and look for any changes. We may, but need not, provide you with a notice of the changes. When the update happens the changes will take place and be effective within 20 days. It is the user’s responsibility to review and revisit the policy page periodically.  


What we offer (services)

Create and Customize your event - through your account, you can detail and describe your event, upload a picture, choose type of event and ticket type and more 

Promote – by using our marketing tools, email list and social media to reach a vast scale of people and invite them as well as reaching new individuals. 

Sell and collect – no more stress, customers can easily buy and pay tickets via mobile 

People can purchase tickets through a secure payment gateway and pay

Deliver ticket’s information to “buyers” by using a suitable delivery method.

Track your event – get up-to-date reports, payments as well as manage your payments. 


When creating an event

You acknowledge that you have the legal right and authority to represent the organizer of the event.

You are aware and responsible for all the accuracy and information of your event that is on your events page.

You will update the information of your event.

Eventati is irresponsible for any misinformation, wrong data or any inaccurate information

You are the owner of this event.

You have all the rights necessary to grant Eventati to non-exclusive, transferable, assignable and sub-licensable license worldwide to all information, content, graphics, logos, images and other content on the event page. 

You are aware that the event content including images, logos, illustration or any other content do not infringe the intellectual property or the ownership of any other third party.

You are responsible for what is included in the event page related to the content or any other websites.

Your event is compiled with our “Prohibited Event Content” terms.

You agree to communicate a refund policy and any additional terms to buyers with respect to each event on your event page 



You agree that Eventati will sell tickets on your behalf

Eventati will act as a payment collection agent.

You Agree that Eventati will hold your payments until we decide to pay out to you.

You agree that tickets and events prices that are listed on your page are finals and match prices outside Eventati.

You agree to email and contact us in the case of advance payout.

In the case of the failure of third party payment gateway, Eventati may not be held responsibility.

You grant Eventati to collect a commission fee for each ticket sold.

You agree to connect your Stripe account to Eventati if you have one.

You agree to provide a valid and accurate bank details and information such as Bank account name, number, IBAN, SWIFT CODE and have full access to this bank account.

Eventati will collect a payment processing fees for each payment transaction is done.

You agree to indemnify Eventati of any chargebacks done by the buyers.

Eventati hold the right to deduct any other payments related to other services are not included in this agreement.

After your event, Eventati will transfer electronically within 6-10 business days your net amount of your tickets sales subtract the tickets commission and the payment processing fees.

It is your responsibility to raise any objections to any accounting statements from Eventati within 7 business days. If no objection is raised, then you are deemed to have accepted the accounting statement. 


Customer support

You agree to follow up with your customers and buyers and provide them with the necessary support during the event period and 20 days after and respond to enquiries within 2 days. You will add accurate contact information such as email, telephone and address.


Cancellation of events and refund policy.

It is your responsibility to contact your buyers and refund the full ticket price for each one in case the event is cancelled or postponed. 

You should email or call Eventati and inform us prior to the event cancellation or changes related to date, time, location and prices. 

You agree that Eventati will charge you for cancellation fees if the event is cancelled and money is collected.

Eventati will not hold any responsibility for any dispute over an event or ticket purchase.

You agree to fully indemnify and hold us harmless against any expenses, costs, loss (including consequential loss) or damage that we may suffer or incur as a result of or in connection with any cancelled, varied or postponed event and consequential refunds to buyers, including any shortfall in refund amounts by reason of the payment by you to us of the booking fee. 


Prohibited Content

You agree not:

  • To upload any offensive content to any individual or group.
  • Attack people based on their national origin, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, race, sex, disability or disease.
  • Infringes the IP of any other people such as trade marks, copyright.
  • Upload any sexual materials or pornographic of any kind.


Data Protection

We adapt an encrypted with a digital signature and protected Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology channel, user sensitive/ credit information and private data securely happen through it and contained behind a secured network. We don’t sell user information to third parties. Our website applies a regular and constant scanning for vulnerabilities points and we make sure your experience to our site is safe as possible.   

The organizer is not authorized to collect buyers “unsolicited” emails and data or send them any emails unless the agreed to receive information related to the event.


Offline tickets Selling

You are obligated and agree to update the quantity of available tickets on your event page accordingly in case of selling tickets, not through Eventati.

Eventati will not hold any responsibility for any dispute over an event or ticket selling offline and through our site.



We hold the full right to terminate and close your account in case we find out that you breach our terms and conditions, failed to pay any amount for our service, misused or tried to breach our site.



Contact Us 

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below. 

Eventati, Inc

Delaware, United States


Telephone: +1 302 261 5243 / +972599358822